I have been sick a little over two weeks now, it’s starting to get really old. And now that I have finally finished my finals (only two papers of the semester left to go!) I finally had a chance to distress my denim jacket. Doing this has been on my to-do list for months now!  In the past, I have tried to create rips and holes in my jeans, but I could never achieve the look I wanted. And I don’t know how I got lucky, but this time was the best yet. I found that using a sharp serrated knife (or bread knife) worked the best. Also, using sawing motions helped me get the perfect holes, although now I have a huge frayed mess to clean up, haha. I also suggest after creating a few rips, lay your jacket out. Nothing is worse than realizing you made too many holes or made each side look too similar, and you end up not liking it. After you get all the rips you want, through it in the wash to fray it just a bit more.I love how mine turned out and I cannot wait to add some cute buttons and patches!



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