Recently I have been dealing with the feeling of clutteredness. I started feeling way to cramped with all of my stuff and decided it was time to make a change. (This happens pretty often but something isn’t always done about it. I started my task off with something a little small… my closet. So here are my five steps to organizing and getting rid of the junk in your life.


  1. Sort: The first step to any declutter is figuring out what is weighing you down. I recommend creating two piles. One for keep and one for donate. The biggest key here is to be strict with yourself. If you haven’t worn a shirt in over three months dump it. I promise you won’t wear it if you try to keep it.
  2. Re-adjust: Now that you have a little less to look at its time to sort it. Decide what should be hung up and what needs to be folded. What helps me also is putting my clothes that are in season towards the front and the rest in the back. This way I’m not rumaging through too many clothes at once.
  3. Up and Out: A big key to keeping your closet organized is putting your bulky items up and out of the way. For me, that is scarfs, jackets, purses and travel items. I decided to put my scarfs in the bottom drawer of my dresser (a night stand I put in my closet) and I hung my jackets on the back of my door. Before they were hanging near my dresses making it nearly impossible to open my closet door all the way.
  4. Baskets: I think having cute small baskets is a great way to organize the items that are too small to hang and don’t have an actual place. I usually put my underwear and bras, bathing suits, socks, and hats in baskets. I have them lining the floor of my closet and on my dresser. I think it makes the stuff easier to grab then having them on a shelf or in a drawer and I think they are kind of nice to look at (I spent good money on bathing suits, I’m going to show them off even when I’m not wearing them).
  5. A Hamper: One of my biggest mistakes when I started living on my own was not having a hamper. I got so used to throwing my dirty clothes straight on the floor that I was always overwhelmed with a mess. It wasn’t until about two years ago that my mom got me one for Christmas, and now it is the thing saving me from drowning in piles of clothes. I think it’s smart to have one because you will always have a place to put clothes after taking them off and they are somewhat hidden from eye site.



Organizing can be pretty hard to actually start, but I am excited to tell you all how I make it the easiest it can be.  Hopefully these tips help you find some peace in the clutter.


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