I have been trying to find a new shower curtain for my new apartment. However, whenever I find one I love I can’t seem to bring myself to spend the money. I also change my mind constantly, so spending $30 on a shower curtain that I may hate next week isn’t ideal for me. So, I decided to give myself time and save just a little money by making a shower curtain inspired by other ones that I love.



For this project I used a white wafer style shower curtain from TjMaxx for about $6. I also purchased 4 yards of ribbon from the drape and fabric section of Hobby Lobby. A tip when purchasing this ribbon is to get it from the drape section. They will often sell something that is heavy and sturdy for cheaper. To secure the project together I use hot glue. I have no talent for sewing but if you do that is another great option.

So, my goal was to add tassels to the curtain and to have a sort of beach theme in my bathroom. Instead of making tassels out of string (because I am lazy and eager to have this finished) I decided to use tassel ribbon.


Before starting I measured my curtain, which is 70”x 74”, this way I knew that 4 yards would be enough to cover my curtain.

I decided with placing the ribbon in two layers on the bottom. I placed my first layer on the bottom seem. Leave about an inch of ribbon on each end to wrap around the side of the curtain. This will give it a cleaner look. I also left a space between them that mesured 7 1/2”.


Finally, I secured the ribbon down with the hot glue.



Hopefully you all enjoy this simple DIY and decorate your own shower curtains!



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