I have been really inspired by and loving Moroccan and earthy home decor recently. One of the items that I have been wanting are woven hemp bowls, you can buy some of these at Target. However, I can’t really justify spending $18-$20 on something that seems so simple to make. So, rather I decided to spend $9 making a custom woven bowl that goes perfectly with my room.

Here’s how I did it.

The materials that I used to make this were: 4 yards of rope (I used rope because it goes with my room better and it is cheaper than hemp), colored string, hot glue, a pencil/ marker, scissors.

I started by sketching out the design that I wanted to have when the bowl was glued together. I then wrapped my rope into a spiral (how it would lay when finished) and marked out how long I wanted each section of color to be and where I wanted to place it.



Next, I used the hot glue to secure the end of the string in place and then began wrapping it around the rope. This honestly took longer than I expected but nothing I couldn’t handle while being distracted by TV.  I wrapped the string around each end of the rope to help keep it from fraying. Doing that also made it easier to glue together at the end.



** A tip while wrapping the string around the rope is to use a rubber band or hair tie to bundle the rope to keep it out of your way.


After finishing different sections of the design, I would rewrap the rope into a spiral to make sure I liked how it was looking. By doing this, I ended up adding more to the design in areas I felt it was too blank.



Finally, I glued the entire thing together. While you are gluing the rope into place, you want to do small sections at a time. After putting the hot glue and wrapping the rope together, hold the section in place while it dries to insure that it will not pull apart. I gradually created the bowl shape by placing the new layer of rope slightly on top of the layer that came before it.



If you would rather hang the bowl on the wall, don’t make the walls of the bowl as high. Rather than gluing the layers upward, glue them slightly more to the sides. You can then create a loop on the back by gluing string to it to hang on the wall.




I hope you all enjoy this DIY and decide to make it for yourselves! I’d love to see how you customize these bowls to match your life!


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