Poor Little It Girl’s Favorite Lip Shades

https://youtu.be/yk5N0gxdN18 I absolutely love getting to work with Cathy.  This is the first video that we made together which focuses on all her favorite lipstick shades. We spent a lot of time positioning the camera and wiping lipsticks on and off! You can find her post here to get more details on the shades mentioned … Continue reading Poor Little It Girl’s Favorite Lip Shades


Step Hem Jeans

Would I consider myself stylish? Yes. Is it always true? Probably not. But I have been scouring the stores, online sites and every GoodWill, TJ Maxx, and Ross in site for Step Hem jeans. Now, to be completely honest, I was not truly on board at first glance. Like a lot of new styles, it … Continue reading Step Hem Jeans